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Re: [Xen-devel] help adding extended text modes in Hypervisor

> I am trying to get the hypervisor to run in an extended text modes,
> specifically 132x44 text mode. I don't really know much about
> setting video modes so there may be something inherently broken with
> my approach. I have done some Linux device drivers programming and a
> little assembler but am probably out of my depth. I have tried
> putting the correct VGA register settings (taken after booting into
> 132x44 text mode vga=0x133 in regular Linux) for this mode into

Feel free to say 'yes', but is it really worth the effort? 

When dom0 takes over the VGA console (which is the default mode
of operation) you can arrange to put it into whatever mode you
like; you just won't get the initial boot messages from Xen in
the extended text mode.


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