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Re: [Xen-devel] XenCD deprecation?

> Hi.  May I ask what happened to the XenCD stuff that one finds all
> over google when searching for Xen?  Near as I can tell, this was a
> Xen 1.2 thing that the Xen team decided to remove sometime after.

I was working on it but never finished it off.  We weren't so worried about it 
for Xen 2.0 since hard drive installs and setting up test VMs are now much 
easier than they were.

> But I can't find whether it was removed for technical reasons, time
> required to maintain, "some distro should do that instead", or what.

Basically a time thing.  I've kept the build tree around so that I could look 
at it later but I didn't get round to it in the end...

> I have the technical skills to put together a bootable Xen CD
> including a run-from-RAM initrd image, and wanted to check if such an
> effort would be frowned upon or encouraged by the Xen team.  Or avoid
> wasting my time if there are technical problems I'll encounter making
> one for Xen 2.

If you did that, it would be fantastic :-)

The Xen 1.2 CD is based on RH 9 and includes the tools / instructions required 
to rebuild it.  We could supply you with a copy of this image, or you could 
try using a more up to date and less hacked (our demo CD lacked things like 
the RPM database) image.

Cheers muchly,

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