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Re: [Xen-devel] network dropouts

> So, network availability drops out even without unprivileged domains. 
> I'm using default xen configuration, machines are on the same subnet 
> ( and, connected by switch.
> Does it matter that Gentoo (in current stable version) uses `ifconfig` 
> and `route` to setup networking and /etc/xen/scripts/network uses 
> iproute2 package? It shouldn't, AFAIK.
> One thing that I don't understand is that `ifconfig` shows that eth0 
> holds its IP address even after xen-br0 has been brought up (and xen-br0 
> has /32 netmask...):
> (lo removed from output)

Are you using DHCP to set the eth0 address? I wander if the drop
outs occur when the lease expires. Have you tried getting
dhclient/dhcpcd to set the address for xen-br0 rather than eth0?


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