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[Xen-devel] Re: debian

James Harper wrote:
> I just tried building a debian xen0 kernel with the standard make-kpkg
> tools and the packages from www.terrabox.com, and while it gave me a
> resulting package, I noted the following:

> . resulting package name is kernel-xen0-2.6.9_1_i386.deb where I would
> have expected kernel-image-2.6.9...

This is intentional, I believe, but I'm not sure if it is
correct. Obviously kernel-image-2.6.9 is different from
kernel-xen0-2.6.9 and needs to contain different scripts and be
handled differently. But, since the kernel version is still the
determining factor in many paths (like /lib/modules/2.6.9), the
package would need to conflict with every other kernel by the same
version. So, I'm really not sure what would be the best approach here.

> . no initrd generated on install even though I requested one on the
> make-kpkg commandline

I would say this is a bug - the Xen postinst scripts are not those of
normal i386 kernels I believe, so they need fixing. I have never tried
initrd kernels with Xen.

> . enabling pnp bios support caused a failed compile. Probably don't want
> this anyway though as I understand there is no way to access pnp bios
> info from xen.

There are things in the kernel config, which if enabled, cause the
compilation to fail. The Xen guys probably will be fixing these as
they crop up.

And I would *guess* that with Xen 2.1, accessing the PnP bios info
from Xen should work as with a normal machine.

> Is this normal?

Well, normal - I guess.

-- Naked

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