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[Xen-devel] export DISPLAY from Dom0

Hi all,
I test from 2 month now the xen project and i reach today a custom config with 
xen wich is stable and so much confortable.
Just a little problem with a GUI view for the XenU domains: as I read some 
message from archive devel-xen that "startx" from a domain doesn't work, I try 
to work with Dom0:
1. startx from Dom0
2. open xterm 
3. command: xhost +
4. command: ssh ip_add_domain + passwd
5. command: export DISPLAY=ip_add_dom0:0.0
6. command: xclock : scrren xclock on ServerX from Dom0 OK

As soon as I start any browser wtih the same method, and i try to reach any 
URL, network between dom0 an xenU hang whithout any msg in xend.log, syslog, 
I cannot stop cleanly xenU: always a line status from "xm list".
The problem is the same with kernels 2.6.9 or 2.4.28, from unstable and stable 
xen 2.01.

If i do exactly the same job, but from a machine/serverX outside the Xen 
machine context, i can work without any problem, with "export DISPLAY" method.

Is it a bug ?
Is it a wrong way/design to admin a domain in GUI format ?
Is it the result of a bad custom/option kernel ?

Thanks in advance for your help or any way of investigation.
Best Regards.

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