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Re: [Xen-devel] PATCH: ability to send sysrqs to Linux domains

Matthew Bloch wrote:
Here's the promised patch against a recent 2.01 snapshot to allow you to send sysrqs to running Linux kernels. I went with Keir's suggestion of adding a sub-reason code to the shutdown message with a 1-byte payload specifying which key was pressed. Hope it's acceptable for the main tree; I will happily alter it to spec if any of the maintainers have suggestions for better structuring it.

There's a slight problem with the client/server python code.
On the client side you have

def xend_domain_shutdown(self, id, reason, key=None):
        return self.xendPost(self.domainurl(id),
                             {'op'      : 'shutdown',
                              'reason'  : reason,
                              'key'     : key })

while on the server side you have

 fn = FormFn(self.xd.domain_shutdown,
             [['dom', 'str'],
              ['reason', 'str'],
              ['key', 'int']])

which means 'key' has to be an int.
So passing 'None' is going to cause an error.


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