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Re: [Xen-devel] "Bounties" on XEN to Windows2000 support

> I asked about Xen support with Linux like the host OS and Windows the guest
> OS
> On the host system, Linux/Xen can not give virtual networking card, video
> card, disk space, etc. ?
> like Vmware?
> cheers,
>       Antoine N.

Next-gen CPUs (Intel VT, AMD Pacifica) will have assistance for
virtualisation -- with this help it will be much easier to do
VMware-style full virtualisation (*not* trivial by any means, but it
will avoid the need for binary rewriting).

We hope to support Windows guests when these features become
available. However, at this time the release schedules for VT/Pacifica 
aren't public knowledge.

It is *extremely* unlikely that a paravirtualised Windows guest will
be created for Xen 2.0, let alone be publicly released.

 -- Keir

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