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Re: [Xen-devel] "Bounties" on XEN to Windows2000 support

Basically it comes down to the fact that Windows activation is based on
hardware signatures.  Running over an open-source virtual machine this
is not a meaningful thing to do.  To get XP working over Xen I basically
had to bypass the activation mechanisms.  I know of no easy technical
enforcement mechanism to prevent on copy of XP being run an arbitrary
number of times.

"corporate key" -> no activation at all. if you work for big company and are deploying winXP boxes, you don't activate them...

Obviously this would be a breach of the Windows license...

We did spend some time with lawyers investigating ways to release XenoXP
to the academic research community, but nothing came of it.

The obvious direction for VirtualServer to evolve is towards
paravirtualization.  I believe that there will soon be an MS
virtualization product which allows Windows to run very efficiently, and
furthermore it will be a *supported* hardware configuration for Windows.

... and you'll have to pay them for it, of course. I have doubts if they would support running non-MS OSes on the top of it.

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