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RE: [Xen-devel] eth interrupts unavailable under xen

> Everything works with the native linux kernel, but under 
> xen/xenlinux network devices are detected but they can't be used.
> Extracted from the below it seems that eth0 and eth1 do not 
> show up in /proc/interrupts but do show up in the boot 
> output. I'm able to configure the interfaces but they never 
> send out a packet, let alone recieve anything. In the borked 
> an the working system one NIC chipset is similar. We've never 
> had problems with the NIC's before. XenLinux runs smooth on 
> other hosts.

It sounds like an irq routing issue. Hopefully this will be fixed in a
few weeks time with 2.1 when this code gets moved back to domain 0.

In the meantime, it might be interesting to see what a native 2.4.27
kernel does on this machine as Xen's current code is closer to this than

Has the motherboard got an IOAPIC?


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