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Re: [Xen-devel] HELP! how to export symbols in DomU?

> I asked this question several days ago. I am trying to export function
> "ctrl_if_send_message_block" to both Dom0 and DomU(linux24). I did
> "EXPORT_SYMBOL" in i386_ksyms.c" and compile the kernel with "make ARCH=xen 
> linux24", then
> "make install". Now in Dom0, the symbol is exported successfully. I can
> insmod my kernel module.  However, in DomU, insmod always complaint that
> "unresolved symbol". :(
> Any ideas? HELP, PLEASE!

Assuming that function and that EXPORT_SYMBOL are both compiled in an
unprivileged Linux build (which I think they should be), I don't see
that there ought to be any problem doing the insmod in -xenU.

 -- Keir

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