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Re: [Xen-devel] xen 2.0/2.0.1 reboots silently on via C3-cpu

Am Sam, den 04.12.2004 schrieb Adam Sulmicki um 19:37:
> On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, Rupert Schlick wrote:
> > vendor_id       : CentaurHauls
> > model name      : VIA Samuel 2
> yeah, that's the "bad" one.
> > vendor_id       : CentaurHauls
> > model name      : VIA Nehemiah
> if you are up to experimenting:

<snipped out>

> ... and see how far you get.

It may take me some days to find the time - so I think it makes more
sense to try with the updated patch which you plan to send on Monday (as
you mentioned in your second last message).


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