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[Xen-devel] Revised balloon driver

I've checked in a large number of changes to the balloon driver to the
2.0-testing and unstable trees. There should now be rather fewer bugs
and the balloon will play more nicely with other device drivers (by
which I mean it is less likely to crash the VM).

To see balloon info: cat /proc/xen/balloon
(I'm happy to receive feedback on the layout/contents. I confused
myself with it while testing so I guess it may not be very intuitive
right now :-).

To set memory target: echo <memsz> >/proc/xen/balloon
(<memsz> is e.g., 300M, 2G, whatever).

NOTE: If you set the memory target too low it is still very easy to
kill your VM (on 2.6 the OOM killer gets activated). I'm not sure how
avoidable this is -- for now you'll just have to exercise caution when
reducing the target below a few 10's of MBs.

 -- Keir

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