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Re: [Xen-devel] xm save / restore with xen-unstable not working ?

> However when I try "xm save" on a domain this always
> generates an error message on the screen like 
> "...connection refused on the other side...111:connection
> refused..." and does not work.
> Xend is running in Dom0 at this time and all other xm commands
> work fine at the same time.
> Is xm save / restore broken or disabled with xen-unstable ?

Yep -- there was a small interface change that broke
save/restore/migrate, and I promised to fix it, but I just
haven't had a chance with OLS and admin etc.

I'll work on it over the weekend, if not before.

> Also I could not find a possibility to tell the xm tool
> on which port xend is listening. So when I change the
> port Xend is listening on in the xend-config file, no
> xm command works any more. Where can I configure the
> port the xm tool is trying to contact the xend daemon ?

At one point, we talked about xm having a "-U" option where a URL
was used to specify the xend to talk to. I don't think it's there
in the current version, but it should be trivial to add. You'd
then be able to control and query multiple xen nodes from a
single host. Anyone want to have a go to add this?


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