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Re: [Xen-devel] crashes

>i'm having random crashes under load (diff & pings). No messages in the logs
>or anything, just reboots or hangs. When I went to look at the screen after
>a hang to see if there was an oops or anything like it, the screen was blanked
>and wouldn't wake up - anyone know how to stop that behaviour?

Not a lot to go on! 

It'd be useful to know what xen version you're using (bk changes | head), 
and what configuration your running when you get this above behaviour (e.g. 
how many domains running, h/w spec, etc). Would also be useful to know 
precisely the steps you can take to cause the problem to see if we can 
reproduce it.

If you can attach a serial line to the machine (and perhaps add "noreboot" 
to the xen command line) you might be able to get some output...





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