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Re: [Xen-devel] PXE boot

> just playing with Xen, wondering whether it could be used 
> to host a virtual Grid (or rather: an LCFGng server + 
> a user-interface, worker node, computing element and storage 
> element, each in its own virtual host).  

Sure. I think Greg Newby has done something quite similar to this.
> The problem here is that usually the UI, WN, etc. boot from  
> the LCFGng server via PXE. I cannot find that Xen does support 
> this boot method, although this could be a typical case of 
> RTFM, where there is no sufficient response from Google :-) 

Xen currently doesn't support booting domains via PXE, though at
some point someone talked about adding it. Basically, the domain
builder would do the PXE request and tftp the kernel image that
would be place in the domain.

I'm sure you could get the domains booting sans PXE without too
much hassle anyhow.


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