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Re: [Xen-devel] Dom1 always does DHCP requests and vmid increasing

> > There's nothing in your config file below to cause the kernel to
> > do a DHCP. Are you sure that your rc scripts aren't doing it?
> THe DHCP request that I am seeing requests ip adddress  The only 
> place that I can find that address mentioned is in the domain configuration, 
> so I don't believe that it is the rc scripts, but I will have another look 
> later in the day.  Syslog entries also indicate that it is a kernel DHCP 
> request as opposed to a dhcpcd request.

I might expect to see an ARP request for, but not a DHCP
request. The is just there to workaround a linux 2.6 bug,
so could be removed altogether if you're booting 2.4.

Can you post the first few packets of output from:
 tcpdump -i vifX.Y -s 2048 -vvxe


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