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Re: [Xen-devel] segfault in VM - FIXED!

On 24 Jul 2004, at 13:47, I wrote:

I'm just testing a patch which disables merging in the scsi layer when it believes it has contiguous requests in different pages. I think this is more pessimistic that it needs to be, as the pages may after all be contiguous, but it does allow some merging to happen and so far seems to be stable.

I've given this a bit more testing, and it seems to be working fine - the machine is now running a dom0 kernel built while running the patch. As for performance, it's 'not bad' -- I've just done a bonnie++ run, and some compiles. Based on sticking printks in and watching the console, it's allowing merges much more often than not, but still I suspect not as much as it could. Probably it should use something with more arch-knowledge than page_to_phys().

patch for linux-2.4.26-xen0: http://munky.nodnol.org/~chris/xen_scsi_merge.diff
bonnie++ stats: http://munky.nodnol.org/~chris/munkyII_stats.txt


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