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Re: [Xen-devel] help! error in creating a new domain

>When I tried to create a new domain "domain 1", I followed the Yan-Ching
>CHU's guide on :installing quick file systems for new domains in Xen 1.2".
>But when I do "xc_dom_create.py -Dvmid=1", Xen seems to start to boot with
>some normal bootup information, but right after several proper messages,
>Xen dump many messages "kmod: failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k
>binfmt-9653, errno = 8". I was stuck at this problem for several days.
>Please help.

Looks like a problem with trying to access a zisofs cd from dom1 using 
a kernel which doesn't understand that. Two things to try: 
  a) when you compile xenolinux-2.4.25 ensure that you have zisofs 
     support configured in, and/or
  b) check the config for dom1 to determine why it's trying to access
     the CD [which I guess may hold a 1.2 demo disk?] 

Note that in general you're better to just put an entire copy of the 
normal root filesystem [used by linux on its own, or by domain 0] onto 
a new partition for domain 1; trying to use the stripped down version 
of stuff on the demo CD is generally less sane.





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