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Re: [Xen-devel] altering domain memory limit

> Oops, I wasn't clear and meant something a bit simpler.  It appears the
> DOM0_SETDOMAINMAXMEM op does not exist in xm.  libxc has it, but it
> seems to be missing higher up in xend.

Ahh, OK. 

> I was surprised xm didn't cover all the dom0 ops -- unless I'm being
> dumb and missed it.  

'xm' is intended to be a smart UI tool, so it doesn't always make
sense to have a 1:1 mapping between xm commands and the
underlying dom0 op.

>From a UI POV, an 'xm mem max' command should probably do a bit
more than just the dom0 op. If max_mem is set below target_mem it
should automatically reduce target_mem and inform the domain. It
should then watch the domain to check it actually gives up the

For the moment, just hacking in a command to do the dom0 op will

> btw, I've also hit that problem people mentioned before about domains
> restarting too fast to kill.   They are real hard to destroy when the domain
> dies instantly.   Fortunately killing xend itself does the trick.

Yep, it's annoying. We should reboot domains at most once every
30s. (i.e. a long lived domain will reboot immediately, but
looping domains are rate limited.)
> I'd prefer if xm  could accept the domain-name to identify domains
> (as well as the xen assigned domain number).

Yep, that's the conclusion we've come to, and Mike is
implementing. We're inclined to take an even more extreme view
and *never* expose Xen domid's to users: everything will be done
by the domain name. We'll ensure that names are unique across a
cluster, which is necessary for things like migration.


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