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Re: [Xen-devel] segfault in VM

> I am trying this now. Within a few seconds of starting the flood ping,
> dom1 rebooted. no messages in the logs to give any hint as to why
> though. Trying again and I didn't get anything useful either once I
> started getting noticable corruption.

Hmmm.... I guess maybe there's a race somewhere, rather than the
problem being a broken error-handling path. Which is a shame, as it's
bound to be harder to track down. :-(

> just on the subject of page reassignment, I'm trying to figure out
> what the code is doing.
> in netif_be_start_xmit, there is a check to make sure that the packet
> is entirely on 1 page. What happens if the packet is too big for one
> page, or if there is other data on the same page? (it's all black
> magic to me at the moment!)

Unless you're using jumbo Ethernet frames (which you're almost
certainly not) then the packet will certainly fit in a page. We also
check that the packet buffer is at least half a page in size --- since
the slab allocator allocates in powers-of-two, that means the packet
buffer must actually be a full aligned page in size.

If our checks are insufficient and a few packets that are sharing
their data page are getting thru, for example, then we would be pretty
screwed! This might be another area to explore -- whether there are a
few skbuffs coming thru now and then that are of a layout that we 

 -- Keir

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