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[Xen-devel] more instability stuff

Doing the "compare/ping" thing brought dom0 into a state of weirdness even after sunday's updates.

There were no messages from Xen or kernel messages, but on rebooting the machine, I got this:

(XEN) (file=/opt/src/xeno/xeno-unstable.bk/xen/include/asm/mm.h, line=215) Unexpected type (saw c0000000 != exp e0000000) for pfn 00003344 (XEN) DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=249) Bad page type for pfn 00003344 (d0000001)
(XEN) (file=traps.c, line=466) GPF (0004): fc5277c8 -> fc52a094
Kernel panic: Failed to execute MMU updates
 (XEN) Domain 0 shutdown: rebooting machine!

The "Kernel panic" comes from the dom0 kernel. I've seen this before when dom0 got unstable, but I'd never been able to log the specific message, and since it usually came right before the machine rebooted, the console message was always gone nearly as quickly as I saw it.

dunno if that helps in any way.

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