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Re: [Xen-devel] segfault in VM

Could someone try to isolate this to either the network backend driver
or the blkdev backend driver?

The best way to do this is to disable the frontend drivers so that
they never try to coinnect to the backend driver...

To disable networking:
Edit arch/xen/drivers/netif/frontend/main.c. Change netif_init() to
always 'return 0;'.

To disable block devices:
Edit arch/xen/drivers/blkif/frontend/main.c. Change xlblk_init() to
always 'return 0;'.

Oh yes -- the 2.4 sparse tree no longer contains the net frontend
driver - you'll find the build tree symlinks to
linux-2.6.7-xen-sparse/drivers/xen/net/network.c. So you might want to
edit that instead...

Obviously, if you disable blkdevs you'll need to boot off a ramdisk
or via a networked mount. :-)


> I downloaded these (from a tgz that Keir had given me a link to as bk was 
> down - I assume it's identical to his latest fixes) and started my tests 
> running and went to bed, but it looks like I got errors within a very short 
> time.
> The tests I was running were my 'compare' script and pinging the two domains 
> I had running with
> ping -q -i 0.01 -s 1400 <ip address>
> Lots of oopses in the logs, most are probably as a result of the corruption 
> and not indicative of the cause. They look similar to Jody's dump so I won't 
> bother sending them unless someone thinks they might be useful.
> btw, can the install be modified to give us a System.map-2.4.26-xen[0U] in 
> /boot? ksymoops would be much happier.
> James

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