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[Xen-devel] still crashing

Had a chance to look at all this again today, so here's my results.

Started by running compare/exhaust under a non-xen'ed 2.4.26 system.
This worked absolutely fine. Then booted into xen, but didn't start
any unpriveledged domains. Again, didn't have any problems. Finally,
after rebooting again to ensure a fresh start, booted into xen and
started an unpriledged domain. Ran compare, and waited for the initial
ok to appear (also did this in the above test runs before starting exhaust).
Then starting pinging into the domN from an external machine, and
started off exhaust. Before long i got a failed compare. Now rebooted
and ran compare again, which verified that the files were still
actually the same.

This was running rev 20040713172448.40f41ae00utn5d2f3tlNLcvG_QhiBA
Now pulled down rev 20040720110429.40fcfc3d1HOefeaUA-YZdx66NSVvqA

After building all the parts and putting them into place, i rebooted
and reran the last test again. This time before long i got a long
series of oops on the console, and all my external connections in died.
I've passed the oops through ksymoops, and include the results. I can
make the vmlinux file and others available if required.

Jody Belka
knew (at) pimb (dot) org

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