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Re: [Xen-devel] Newbie of xen-unstable: xend start failure

Right, I didn't boot into XenLinux. But now  everytime when I try to reboot into XenLinux, the booting got into a loop as follows. Does anyone have any idea of how to fix it?
at the multiboot page, I chose "xen running linux 2.4.26"
Then it began to boot and stopper at the promput
"(XEN)*** Sereial input -> COM0(type 'CTRL-a' three times to switch input to Xen)."
So I typed 'CTRL-a' three times. But as a result, it returns me to the multiboot page again.
The following is related config in my /boot/grub.conf file.

title Xen running Linux 2.4.26


kernel /xen.gz dom0_mem=131072 watchdog com1=115200,8n1 noht

module /vmlinuz-2.4.26-xen0 root=/dev/hda1 ro

Thanks & Best wishes,

Mark Williamson <Mark.Williamson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Had you rebooted into the Xen / XenLinux kernels at the time or were you just
testing Xend with your normal Linux kernel? Xend will not start under a
normal Linux kernel because the /proc/xen/privcmd file does not exist.


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