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Re: [Xen-devel] Newbie question: Error creating domain

> Ian Pratt wrote:
> > My suspicion is that "sfdisk -s /dev/hda3" is returning a bogus
> > size for the partition.  Please can you post the output of
> > /proc/partitions, and "dumpe2fs /dev/hda3".

> # cat /proc/partitions
> major minor   #blocks name
> 3     3       987997  hda3
> # dumpe2fs /dev/hda3
> Block count:              246999
> Block size:               4096

I still don't quite understand why it's failing, but I think I
know enough to fix it: It's a 1kb block vs 512 byte sector
rounding issue.

I've checked in what I believe will be a fix.


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