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Re: [Xen-devel] Newbie question: Error creating domain

> When trying to create a new domain I get the following error:
> root@chekov:~# xm create vmid=1
> Using config file /etc/xen/xmdefaults
> Error: Error creating domain: [Failure instance:
> Traceback:xen.xend.XendDomainInfo.VmError, vbd: Segments not
> foundXXXXXX:uname=phy:hda3

What you've configured should work just fine. Please can you try
upgrading to the latest repo as I changed some of this code
yesterday (though I don't believe there was ever a bug that would
cause this).

A couple of other things to try:
 * try configuring just one vbd i.e. no swap on hda4
 * what's the output of 'sfdisk -s /dev/hda3'
 * instead of hda3 use 0x0303

Thanks for the clear failure report; I'm sure we can get to the
bottom of this one.


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