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Re: [Xen-devel] SATA/ICH6

> just a quick question.
> Has Xen/XenoLinux (stable/unstable) ever run on 
>  - i915G chipset/ICH6

We should support pretty much all hardware that the mainstream
Linux tree supports (i.e. no binary-only drivers). I'd expect
to boot on an i915G fine; not sure about getting X running, but

>  - Serial ATA (only, no P-ATA, means boot from SATA)
> platform?

Stock linux 2.4.26 doesn't really have good SATA support, but
2.4.27 will.  To get 2.4.26 working on an Opteron box with a
Promise FastTrak sata controller I needed to add Jeff Garzick's
'libata' patches. These are standard in 2.4.27, expected to be
released in the next few days.


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