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Re: [Xen-devel] Practical questions, ssh a domain, HD (Xen-Unstable)

> Hi, the CD rom HOWTO seems to be pretty outdated, so I ask some practical 
> questions here: (Thanks for the superb support on this mailinglist!)
> Because of the sysops at work are hacking on the ip-setup these days I 
> have some problems giving IP addresses to my domains. I need to know how 
> to ssh or scp to my domains so I can finally benchmark Xen. I guess this 
> is pretty intuitive, but the unstable docs are no exisitng :) (I can 
> write a howto after this project for you for setting up Xen on Debian 
> Sarge if you want - the least I can do after all this support, If you 
> wish)
> So the first question is: How to I figure out the local ip address for a 
> domain so i can SSH it?

I think I understand: you're using DHCP, and the server is
assigning domains random addresses.

Just connect to the domain via it's console. The easiest way to
do this is just to put '-c' on the 'xm create' command line.

Alternatively, use 'xm consoles' to list all the available
consoles, then connect to the listed port e.g.

 xencons localhost 9601
> After running some domains I got a failure on fcdsk on bootup. How does 
> Xen use ONE partitions to give each domain HD space? After shutting down 
> the guest OS, where is the data copied into this domain stored and how can 
> you actually find this data again? Do you recommend to have one partition 
> for each domain? At least it seems like I have something wrong in the 
> configs for HD setup.

You could give each domain it's own physical
partition. Alternatively, use LVM to dynamically chop the
partition up into volumes, each of which you can assign to a
domain e.g. 
  disk = [ 'phy:/dev/vg01/vm%d,sda1,w' % (vmid) ]

Alternatively, put a file system on the partition and export
files to domains using the loopback device (losetup). This
enables you to use sparse files, allocating disk space on demand.

Make sure you remember to put a filesystem and populate whatever
you decide to use as the domain's block device!


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