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Re: [Xen-devel] /proc/xen/memory_target patch

Great, thanks! This is a much more useful interface. :-)
I've checked it in.

 -- Keir

> This patch to the balloon driver eliminates the need for a user-space
> program to slosh memory between domains and xen.   This uses a proc
> file at /proc/xen/memory_target.  When read it reports memory the domain
> owns in bytes.   Writing a new value to the memory_target proc file
> will cause the domain to exchange memory with xen to reach the target.
> A xenolinux domain cannot grow bigger than it was when created.
> Must be done by root.
> Target requests are made in bytes, or with a k m or g suffix.  The
> request is parsed with the same function that parses the mem= boottime
> kernel param.
> Memory sizes in bytes are internally truncated to pages.  Minimum change
> is PAGE_SIZE (4k).
>       dragonfly:~# cat /proc/xen/memory_target 
>       134217728l
>       dragonfly:~# echo 50m > /proc/xen/memory_target 
>       Relinquish 78MB to xen. Domain now has 50MB
>       dragonfly:~# echo 100m > /proc/xen/memory_target 
>       Reclaim 50MB from xen. Domain now has 100MB
>       dragonfly:~# cat /proc/xen/memory_target 
>       104857600l

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