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[Xen-devel] dom0 crash - useless report

I had a panic on dom0 that caused a reboot. Dual-celeron with two IDE drives, dom0 on hda and the VMs using LVMs on hdc. Four VMs all compiling away when I started lots of I/o on dom0. I was logged in via ssh and got booted off and watched the machine reboot itself.

I don't have any crash/oops info though, despite having an attached serial console. All I saw was "Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!" and reboot.

Any hints on how to attach to Xen to get any kind of crash dump or something in case this happens again? I think I've done this to myself a couple of times now in the last couple of days, so I may be able to reproduce it (not like I want to but...) and get a useful report.

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