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Re: [Xen-devel] DHCP request

> Hi, so far so good. I can start a domain. When I try to connect to a 
> domain "xm console <nr>" it boots, but it tries to send a DHCP request 
> which times out.
> Sending DHCP requests ..... timed out!
> Can i turn this off? The network setup for domain0 works perfectly. do 
> I need some additional applications etc.?

Take a look at your /etc/xen/xmdefaults config file. You're
asking the domain to get its ip address using the in-kernel DHCP

Either configure your network's DHCP server to respond to the new
domain's MAC address, or edit xmdefaults to configure an IP
address, netmask and gateway manually.

If you want it to take the config from whatever you have in dom0
and add 1 to the IP address, use the following:

ip = add_offset_to_ip(get_current_ipaddr(),vmid)
netmask = get_current_ipmask()
gateway = get_current_ipgw()
#hostname= "myvm%d" % vmid

If you want to use DHCP, either go with the generated MAC
address, or set your own with:

vif = [ 'mac=00:06:AA:F6:BB:B3' ]


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