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Re: [Xen-devel] New to Xen. Eth0 not being detected and Domain0 starts up with some difficulty

> 1.) When Xen starts up, it cannot detect my eth0. 
>     The following message is displayed during Xen start up and before
>     xenolinux domain 0 gets started.
>     ================================================
>     Could not find device eth0: using dummy device
>     Device dummy opened and ready for use
>     ================================================
>     I run RedHat 9 on my machine and I know that my ethernet driver is
>     sk98lin.o which comes with kernel-2.4.26. How do I get Xen to load
>     that module ? 


There's no support for your ethernet card under 1.2.

If you're brave, upgrade to xeno-unstable.bk and the card should
work, otherwise wait until the 2.0 release (a week or two).
> 2.) When Xen has finished loading, it tries to load xenolinux domain 0. 
>     I get the following message:
>     ================================================
>     Dom0: Guest OS virtual load address is c0000000
>     ================================================
>     Afterwards, it seems that the system freezes. No more messages are
>     displayed while Domain 0 loads up. After several minutes of         
>     what looks like a system freeze, I finally get the login prompt and 
>     I can login to domain0. I do not get this problem if I use the demo 
>     CD. When I boot using the demo CD, I can see domain 0 being brought 
>     up and all the services being started.

I suspect its just that you're not getting console output, and
the startup scripts are taking ages to execute because networking
is down. Try adding 'console=tty0' to the xenolinux line.


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