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Re: [Xen-devel] about the error

Hi there,

This error occurs if you try and do virtual disk operations before the 
database has been created.  The database won't have been created if you 
haven't initialised some disk space for use with virtual disks.

Choose a free partition or disk that that you want to use to host virtual 
disks.  The original contents of this partition will be destroyed when you 
start using virtual disks.

Use xc_vd_tool.py to initialise this partition for virtual disks.  (the 
command is either 'initialise' or 'format' - I can't remember which).  This 
step does not write anything to the partition.

Now you should be able to create, list, delete, resize, etc. using the 
xc_vd_tool.py script.  When you start formatting, mounting and populating 
virtual disks, the data will be written into the partition.

You should read the VBD-HOWTO document in the source tree before you start 
using virtual disks.  Post back to this list if you have any questions.

Note that virtual disks are currently not being supported for 2.0 - you might 
want to avoid using virtual disks if you plan to upgrade later on.


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