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Re: [Xen-devel] domains flapping

> Whilst tinkering with lvm (which now works great - thanks!), I made a typo 
> which caused the domain to stop booting. I think it was just that I got the 
> config file wrong in terms of which device mapped to which.
> Anyway, I had specified 'restart=True' and so the domain was starting to 
> boot, failing, then restarting again. This was the expected behaviour, but it 
> was a pain to kill. Had I thought of it I would have just killed xend but I 
> was doing an 'xm list' to find the domain number, then 'xm destroy', but by 
> then it had moved on. doh!
> How easy would it be to put in some logic to detect a domain restarting 
> rapidly in quick succession and either stop restarting it, or introduce an 
> increasing delay between restarts?

Fair point. Mike is jsut about to make some changes to the reboot
logic so that the reboot flag is a tristate:

This won't necessarily fix the flapping problem, unless the
domain exits with a non reboot code, which Linux tends not to.

The flapping problem is a right pain. (I do an 'xm list' then try
killing domid+1). 

The easiest hack might be to add a 30s delay between restarts if
the uptime of the domain is less than e.g. 2 minutes.


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