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Re: [Xen-devel] Dom0 OOPS - causes restart

> > anyone doing LILO and xen? I don't see any example .conf files any more. 
> Xen's boot image conforms to the 'multiboot' standard, which
> turns out not to be such a standard after all... In fact, Grub is
> about the only implementation I know of (other than our patched
> version of kexec)
> I think multiboot is generally a good thing, and I can't think of
> any downside to using Grub over Lilo (other than lilo's -R
> option, for which standard Grub doesn't really have an
> equivalent.)

Every major distro includes my patch that provides 'lilo -R'
functionality for GRUB. At least a few also provide a handy wrapper
script to make it easier to use.

I think most people consider LILO obsolete these days.

 -- Keir

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