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Re: [Xen-devel] Xenlinux oops and crashes with nbd, Xen no longer boots

> Hi,
> When I start a new domain using an nbd exported device into domain0,
> xenlinux Oops and crashes.  Nbd otherwise works fine in domain0 I
> can mount filesystems on it, dd them all, export them from domain0
> to a new domain via nfs from domain0 also works.
> This is easily reproducable, with somthing like
> disk = [ 'phy:/dev/xen-uml0,sda1,w' ]
> Where xen-uml0 is the nbd exported device.

>From what I can figure from the backtrace, it looks like the problem
is an assertion failure due to a non-atomic memory allocation request
while in interrupt context.

Unfortunately the backtrace is a real mess. I might have better luck
deciphering it if you can provide a link to your 'vmlinux' file.

Even better, recompile your DOM0 kernel with arch/xen/kernel/traps.c
modified with 'kstack_depth_to_print' changed to a larger value like
240. This will give a fuller stack backtrace (it's currently less
useful because it's truncated). Then provide the backtrace and the
vmlinux file.

> With Changeset 1.1063  Xen crashes at start up only displaying the
> figlet banner + (Xen) Unknown Interrupt.

I fixed this earlier today.

 -- Keir

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