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Re: [Xen-devel] still can't start domain

> > BTW: xend seems to be working quite stably for me these days. How
> > are other people finding it?
> I checked out and built the latest copy earlier today and now dom0 won't 
> boot. That's the first time that has happened in a few weeks, and probably 
> only because I checked it out at an unlucky time!

Very strange.

I've just done a pull of xeno-unstable and 'make world', and it
boots fine for me, on two different machines.

The last significant checkin was 21h ago, so I don't think there
was a bad window. Please can you retry. Perhaps you tried booting
mis-matched xen and xenlinux?

> Other than that, I have seen a few occasions where the whole
> server (xen + dom0...domN) have all rebooted, and another today
> where I logged in and found that dom1 had stopped.

I've not seen a spontaneous reboot or domain crash in ages, ever
since the netif backend bug that was fixed.

Please can you try and get a serial line on the box to see if any
messages come out. Any sign of an oops message on the domain's

> btw, what's the state of migration? I've seen some mentions of
> it in the changelogs but nothing on how to do it.

Live migration got broken by NGIO and the new tools, but it only
needs a couple of minor tweaks and it'll probably be working by
the end of the week.


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