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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: almost working

> > Seeing this msg i cloned down the latest (at the time) rev from bk. After
> > rebuilding xen, my dom0 and domU kernels, and all the tools, I tried it
> > out. Unfortunately i couldn't even start an unpriveleged domain any more.
> > Logs of xend tracing and the relevant command window are attached; hope
> > they're helpful in tracking down the problem.
> Oops. 
> I can confirm I get the same error. 
> And it was all working so well earlier this afternoon...
> It looks like a timeout talking to the blk device backend driver,
> which is a bug that was believed fixed earlier today -- sorry
> folks. 
> Not withstanding this bug, the good news is that we're beginning
> to get the first inklings of warm fuzzy feelings about new xend's
> stability. I'm afraid a fix will have to wait until tomorrow,
> though.

Somehow related to specifying more than one VBD when creating a new
guest. If you specify just one then it works. Hopefully not hard to
track down.

 -- Keir

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