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Re: [Xen-devel] QLogic Fibre Channel HBA Support

> When using NFS roots you haven't seen any hung clients?  I was getting a
> lot of those, got rid of a lot of the hangs by using the /dev/urandom
> workaround, but still got a few after that, attributed to a long-lived
> Linux NFS client kernel bug.  See these threads:
>     05 May 2004:  xenolinux /dev/random
>     12 May 2004:  Xen hangs with NFS root under high loads

I'd be interested to know if /dev/random generates enough entropy
to work as expected in xen unstable. I'd certainly hope that it

I've seen standard Linux 2.4.26 hang with NFS root under high
load. 2.4.27 is about to come out. If we're really lucky someone
might have fixed it.

BTW: I've found enabling swap to a block device seems to
significantly reduce the likelihood of a hang with NFS root.


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