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Re: [Xen-devel] QLogic Fibre Channel HBA Support

> Still hunting for better alternatives vs. NFS roots -- does anyone know
> what I'd need to do to get the driver for QLogic fibre HBA's working, so
> I can host VBD's from a SAN?  

If there's a driver in Linux, it should just work if you use the
unstable-xeno tree and modify the config for the domain 0 linux
to add the driver. 

In the new tree, rather than using our own virtual disk code we're
planning on using standard Linux's standard LVM2 code to enable
physical partitions to be sliced and diced. The tool support for
this isn't quite there yet.

An alternative to using a FCAL SAN is to use iSCSI. I've found
that the Linux Cisco iSCSI initiator code works nicely, and can
either talk to a hardware iSCSI target or to the Ardistech Linux
iSCSI s/w target. I've generally configured it such that the
domain talks iSCSI directly (using an initrd to enable root to be
on the iSCSI volume). Others have configured iSCSI in domain 0
and then exported the partitions to other domains as block
devices using the normal VBD mechanism.


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