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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: almost working

> What are the meanings of 'state'? I see dom0 as 'r----', and dom1 (when it 
> works) appears as '-b---', and when it doesn't it appears with a 'p' 
> somewhere in there. I would have thought that 'b' mean
s booting, and it should then progress to 'r' meaning running.

I have some better state-output code that I'll check in for the 'xm'
tool. Currently, the flag array is 'rbpsc', where:
 r: Running
 b: Blocked (e.g., waiting for I/O)
 p: Paused DOM0 by control software
 s: Domain has shut itself down (probably awaiting cleanup by xend)
 c: Domain crashed inside Xen -- shutdown pending postmortem by xend

I have code that actually gives a useful phrase describing the state
of the domain in plain English, which might be more useful. :-)

 -- Keir

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