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[Xen-devel] Re: almost working

> I am once again able to boot a xenU kernel after removing all traces of 
> devfs. *yay*

Excellent. Success stories are good to hear.

> can't say for sure if it was devfs though as i did a bk pull just before I 
> sent my last email...

I suspect adding devfs support wouldn't be too hard, but its
probably not high on the list of priorities for us. Do any
common distros use it by default?

> having booted my new domain, 'xm list' in dom0 hung for ages with 100% cpu 
> time until I hit ctrl-C. trying it again worked fine though.

Not good. I think xend is getting more robust over time.

> halting the new domain from the console causes it to disappear from 'xm list' 
> correctly, but it won't restart properly, and then 'xm destroy, won't remove 
> it from 'xm list'.

So: you started a domain, halted it, and it correctly
disappeared. You then issued the same xm create command to
recreate it and it failed to come up.

Odd. Any error output from xend or xm?

> lastly, is there a plan to be able to export a filesystem rather than just 
> block devices, like 'hostfs' under uml? It would make copying modules over a 
> bit easier!

How about using NFS for the moment?

It would be nice to add a super-fast page flipping filesystem
interface, but its on the todo list.


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