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Re: [Xen-devel] iscsi

> I'd like to run an iscsi initiator in domain 0 and export LUNs to the
> other domains as VBDs. The XenoLinux config file does not give the
> option of enabling SCSI support. I know XenoLinux can't talk to the
> hardware directly so it can't use the actual hardware devices, but
> the SCSI layer could still be in place. Is there any reason why it isn't
> there other than the assumption that without the drivers one doesn't
> need it?

Your assumption is correct. 

I've just added the SCSI menu option from arch/i386/config.in
(see attached), and built a xenolinux with SCSI and SCSI disk
support compiled in. I'm not sure how you enable iSCSI support
(of indeed if the standard kernel even has iSCSI support).

Exporting disks to domains via iSCSI would be cool. There's
always the alternative of the much simpler 'enbd', but iSCSI
sounds nicer. I wander if there's support for iSCSI root devices?
(if not, it's possible something could be bodged with an initrd
initial ramdisk).


xenolinux-2.4.24-sparse/arch/xeno/config.in: 1.12 1.13 iap10 04/01/20 18:24:17 
(modified, needs delta)

@@ -108,6 +108,17 @@
+mainmenu_option next_comment
+comment 'SCSI support'
+tristate 'SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI
+if [ "$CONFIG_SCSI" != "n" ]; then
+   source drivers/scsi/Config.in
 if [ "$CONFIG_NET" = "y" ]; then
    source net/Config.in

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