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Re: [Xen-devel] NFS and interface security

> Two Xen features I like very much:
> - Virtual domains can't see each others' traffic via 'tcpdump', which
>   means that, for instance, guests using NFS root partitions are
>   relatively isolated from each other on the wire. 
> - In a virtual domain, I can't simply 'ifconfig eth0:1 ip.on.my.lan' and
>   expect it to route; i.e. virtual domains can't steal IP addresses.
> Kudos to whoever made this work right.  Am I correct in my
> interpretations here?  I.e. is this as secure as it looks?

Xen is intended to provide secure isolation; your observations
are correct.
> There's a note in TODO that says "The current virtual firewall/router is
> completely broken."  Is this still valid?

Things will be even better in the next version of the VFR ;-)
We will have L4 routing support to enable safe IP address sharing
(think RSIP).


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