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[Xen-devel] Xen and Xen


Just out of curiosity, 
two questions about Xen project,

I happen to know the word "Xen" is used in two ways:
 a) 'Xen' - Xen is a virtual machine monitor for x86

 b) 'Xen' - programming language unites C#, 
     XML and SQL programming languages.

Both are coming from University of Cambridge 
as far as I understand, 
so I nearly sure both have the same roots.
It would be nice anybody could tell me the
relationships between different 'Xen's.

I know 'VMM-Xen' is working with Microsoft Research
to bring XenWindowsXP, 
and also, the 'C#-Xen' is a product 
from Univ-Cambridge and Microsoft Research.

Speaking about 'VMM-Xen' (and Xenoservers) project, 
is there any "position paper" kind-of-thing 
regarding the direction for 
the open-source and proprietary products release plan?
Questions might be:-
 - I don't mind  XenWindows is not gonna 
   be open source, 
   but what else can be proprietary if any?
 - Is there any plan to develop proprietary softwares
   which support VMM-Xen and realtive projects?

I'm sorry it can be political question easily,
but it's grateful if I would be able to know
the future plan of the product licensing around
this project.

Best regards,
Latte <latte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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