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[Xen-devel] xeno-1.2-rc tree now on xen.bkbits.net

We've now forked the 1.2 tree from the main development tree, and
made it available on BK as bk://xen.bkbits.net/xeno-1.2-rc.bk
You can also download a pre-built tarball from:

We expect to release this as "1.2" within a few days after
getting some feedback -- I'll make a new CD distribution in due

A bunch of things have changed under the hood, but the main
user-visible differences between this and the 1.1 release are:

 * Xenolinux is now based on linux 2.4.23
 * The xenctl domain control tool has been replaced by a library
with python bindings to enable custom scripts
 * it's now possible to 'connect' any disk partition to any block
device in another domain i.e. export sda5 as hda1 to domain 2.
 * more SCSI and network drivers
 * initial support for suspend/resume/migration of domains
 * support for reading xen's boot messages from dom 0

Please test 1.2-rc out and let us know how you get on!


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