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Re: [Xen-devel] eth alias within guest

Ian Pratt wrote:
I'm running xen and xenolinux from the xeno-1.1.bk tree and have a guest RH9 
running as dom1.

When I try to add an alias, eth0:x, onto its existing eth0 I receive a protocol 
not supported error.

Weird -- I can create aliases on a machine running RH9 on the
unstable tree just fine, and I don't think this code has changed
since 1.1. (see below).

Sorry, Ian, I should have looked a little deeper.  The alias is actually 
created;  from whence the error message, I don't know.

Remember, if you want to use the alias in a domain other than
dom0 you'll need to poke an extra vfr rule down from dom0 to get
packets routed to the other domain correctly. (I haven't tested
that this actually works, but I think it should do).

Indeed, if I created host alii they are accessable from within the host and guests.  If I 
create alii within the guest they are accessable from within the guest only.  Where would 
I look for an example of "poking an extra vfr rule down"?

I tried using xi_vifinit to assign to eth0:1 on dom1 like this:

        xi_vifinit 1 eth0:1

and received no complaints but the guest would no longer boot.

Thanks again,
Mike Wright

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