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Re: [Xen-devel] virtual disk setup

> As for virtual disks, the README.CD is the only doc I found.
> I didn't try trolling through the sources yet.  I'll ask here first..

I'm afraid the VD stuff isn't well documented, but there was a
thread discussing it in some detail on xen-devel a few months
back (starting 10 October).
> Where does 'xenctl vd create' put the files that contain those

"vd add" 'formats' a raw partition to enable it to store virtual
disks. "vd create" allocates space within the partition.

> After a 'xenctl vbd create', how does xeno-linux discover it
> has new disks?

There's a tool (xen_refresh_dev) to cause Linux to rescan its
block devices to find any new ones that have been added.

> What is the major:minor for xvd devices?

There's a script in tools misc that will do the necessary mknods.

One important point to note is that the virtual disk allocation
tool part of xenctl is yet to be rewritten in python to work
under the xeno-unstable.bk tree.  It's rather important that this
gets done before we re-badge xeno-unstable.bk as release 1.2.
Any volunteers?  It's pretty straight forward, and I'll happily
help with the specification. It probably makes sense to use a
simple Db as the back end for storing the disk space allocation
information e.g. Berkeley db or sql lite.

One nice feature of the new block device implementation in the
xeno-unstable.bk tree is that you can choose what major:minor you
want any raw partition or virtual disk presented as in any
domain. For example, you could attach /dev/sdb4 as /dev/sdb4,
/dev/hda1 or even as /dev/hdb. There's no longer a need for
special major/minors for vbd's.


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