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Re: [Xen-devel] booting new domains

> I'm a very beginner in xen.
> I do xenctl script -f/etc/xen-mynewdom and
> xi_start 5.
> xen_mynewdom is copied from the XEN cd and contains:
> domain new
> physical grant -pcdrom_link
> domain start

The Linux image is failing to mount its root file system. You've
told it to use a ram disk as a root partition, but I suspect that
you haven't actually given it an initrd image. (You could use the
one off the CD_

I'm afraid you're going to need to say more about what you're
trying to achieve.  What are you intending to use as a root file
system for this new domain? (a disk partition, NFS or a ram disk)
What's your /etc/xenctl.xml?


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