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Re: [Xen-devel] dom0 access to xen console

On 28 Nov 2003, at 12:15, James Scott wrote:

I notice that there's a dom0 hypercall to get the Xen console output... but I can't seem to find a utility in/for xenolinux that will read it? Is this because it was implemented in the old tools but has not yet been done with the new ones?

Before Keir rewrote all the Domain0 tools in Python,
a tool 'xi_read_console_ring' under 'tools/internal'
can be used to read Xen console output.

Now, this function can be found in 'tools/xc/lib/xc_misc.c'.
The function name is 'xc_readconsolering'. In other words,
it's part of the 'xc' library.

Now you can use Python to combine various functions in
'xc' library to create your own control script. Several examples
are located under 'tools/examples'.

We currently don't have a Python script to read Xen console
output. You can write one using the function mentioned above
without too much difficulty.

Last, all this new stuff is in 'xeno-unstable.bk', NOT 'xeno-1.1.bk'

-- Bin

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